The Cartoon

'A Journey to Media Literacy' is a seven-minute cartoon designed to explain, in a fun and simple way, what Media Literacy is all about, and why it is essential in order to live freely and participate fully in society.

The setting up of this Community follows the unexpected popularity of the cartoon: it is spreading fast around the net, it has been screened at important events and the European Commission has even put it on their ML home page.

The different versions of the cartoon have already been watched well over 10,000 times.

Jack, the boy who travelled on the boat across the ocean to reach the ML island is very proud! He is the most important member of this Community.

We are currently looking for funding to produce the second part of our educational cartoon.

The community has been created by EAVI, a European non-profit organisation based in Brussels, involved in citizenship, media and education.

Record your voice for Jack!

We wish to have our cartoon in as many languages as possible!

You can help either translating into your language or recording the voice of Jack. Get involved! 

Add new content

Here you can add new content to share with other members.

Be cyber-activist!

Sign the citizens' petition for a European Directive to promote Media Pluralism and Press Freedom.

We have to reach one million signatures !



This platform offers a space for collaboration to promote media literacy concepts as well as a learning tool to become media-wise. It is based on the adventures of Jack, EAVI's hero!

Be media-wise!

Welcome to 'A Journey to Media Literacy Community' !

Hello!  My name is Jack. Those clever folks at EAVI, having brought me to life through the cartoon "A Journey To Media Literacy", have now created this online community. It's all about me and my adventures that make me media-wise, but what's more is that now I can hear from you, we can chat and exchange, be kept up to date with what's happening in the media literacy world, have our own debates and shape the future.

If you are not sure what media literacy means, then find out by watching the cartoon.

Every day we spend so much time in front of screens  (computer and TV but also tablets, smartphones, game consoles and other gadgets), so it is important to know how to use these media well.

According to EAVI, Media Literacy is the set of competences to access, then use and understand text, images and sounds as well as create and communicate through the media. Which means that people are aware, safe and participate fully in our media rich societies.


Hello again! I am back with EAVI new cartoon "A Journey to Media Literacy: Awareness"!

After my adventurous journey through the ocean of media, I successfully reached my destination - the media literacy island. However, this was not the end but rather the beginning of a new journey.

There were five different paths in front of me and I chose to take the one called Awareness.

Join me on this new adventure and find out why awareness is so important in order to be media literate and how I learned to be aware myself!

How to be part of the Community

So how does it work? Select your language and sign up to become a member. Everyone is welcome!

Once you are a member, you can be active collaborating in ours activities (video narration, diffusion and text translation, ideation of the new cartoon episode), leave comments, post content, add new events and inviting your friends to join the group.You can also find and share loads of stuff and information about media literacy and what's going on across Europe.

For instance, what do you think about the cartoon? Do you wish to be the voice of Jack in your language? Are you aware of other similar video resources? In media (literacy) what do you think people really need? Is Europe doing well? And can you assist Jack when he asks for advice? Can we assist you?




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